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31-Day New Year’s Eve Financial Challenge




Whether you have lofty goals of financial freedom, a dream of side-hustling for passive income, or simply want to pay down your debts and rebuild your credit, you likely have some sort of monetary goal in mind for the future. Oftentimes, people make New Year’s Eve their opportunity to reset and start to build towards those goals. So what happens when you miss a day or two? Turns out, most people give up entirely.

Inc. reports that most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned entirely by January 19th. So how can you improve your financial mindset without going overboard? Set realistic New Year’s Eve financial resolutions with this 31-day challenge. Each day, you’re given a simple task to better your financial outlook. Whether you make five figures or seven, every day of this challenge realigns your purpose and gives a reward after completion.

Financial Challenge

Whether you struggle to repay loans or go overboard when it comes to your weekly spend, this challenge will address your financial concerns with each passing week. The 31-day challenge has a series of themes for each week beginning with mindful spending and ending with habit-building goals. Each theme is accompanied by a single step-by-step worksheet, like one for debt management, to help you grasp the overarching lesson of the week. By completing each day of the challenge, you’ll form more motivation for the next to propel you into the rest of 2021.

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