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13 Self-improvement Podcasts for an Inspiring Commute



Best Self-Improvement Podcasts for Your Commute

Riding into work or that long trudge home can be a grind. It’s a transitional time that can come to feel useless, yet for many people it can add up to close to 10 hours a week. However, it is possible to use that time efficiently and improve your life in the process.

Affirming podcasts with inspirational messages is a great way to come into work with a purpose or to process what happened that day on the way home.

Below, The Zebra put together some of the best examples of inspirational podcasts to give you ideas, hope, and even some sense of calm. Many of these, like “The Foundation” feature successful people discussing what advice they have for those who would like to follow their example. Others (like “10% Happier,” for example) are filled with tips on how to lead a more fulfilling life.

Whatever you choose, these podcasts will leave you invigorated for your day (or evening) ahead. They can make that commute time into something inspiring, even when the train is late or traffic is horrible.

Improve Your Commute With Inspirational Podcasts

Self-improvement Podcasts for an Inspiring Commute

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