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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Earn Money with Your Podcast



10 Sure-Fire Ways to Earn Money with Your Podcast - make money podcast

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Have you ever wondered how podcasters make money? Are you interested in starting a podcast?

Have you already started a podcast and want to see how you can earn more?

You can monetize podcasts in several ways.

Some are effective when you are just getting started, and others are more effective once you have an established audience.

Regardless of where you are in your podcasting journey, you will find at least one way to make money from it.

Is podcasting profitable?

When you devote time and resources to creating a show, this is a legitimate question to ask yourself. However, to produce it over the long term, you need to find a way to earn money by making podcasts.

If you’re serious about making money from your podcast, keep reading.

Let’s start with your content.

1. What Is Your Content?

Knowing what your content brings to your listeners is the first step to making money in podcasting.

The following are three significant factors that determine whether or not you’ll be able to make money from your podcast:

  • The content
  • Performance, Presentation, & Delivery
  • Developing relationships with the community

When you get this part right, you won’t just profit financially, but you’ll make a difference in people’s lives, too.

Here are some techniques you can use to earn money with your podcast.

2. Look for Affiliate Partners

Affiliate marketing aims to earn a commission by referring people to other companies. Affiliate marketers earn cash when someone purchases something.

Promote products and services that you already use. It’s easier to promote an item that you already use and love.

If you do not have the audience size for traditional sponsorships, you can create your own “ad” spot to market an affiliate offer.

Alternatively, you may include mentions of a product or service as part of your content.

3. Get Sponsor Partnerships

Sponsorship is a popular method of monetizing a podcast. Furthermore, it is the easiest as you do not have to produce anything or sell anything. Then you only need to establish an agreement with a sponsor.

A podcaster might start or end an episode by saying, “This episode is brought to you by XYZ company.”

Hopefully, you get the picture. Sponsorship is like that.

As your audience grows, sponsorships will pay more. Therefore, as your audience grows, so does your revenue. However, it also means that you will have difficulty making money if you don’t have a large audience.

A mid-roll and pre-roll mention is generally chargeable. The mid-row (during your episode) is typically more lucrative. Consider promoting the sponsor at both points if possible.

4. Offer Premium Content

Another good way to make money through podcasts is to offer premium, members-only content.

Here are some of the proven and tested premium content strategies.

Create a Paywall

Your library may contain a large number of older episodes. Consider charging for them. Let your audience enjoy your recent episodes without any charge. For older content, you can offer a membership. As members, they get free access to older episodes and other perks.

Do Coaching and Consulting

One benefit of hosting a podcast is that you become an authority in your niche. It becomes easier for you to gain respect for your expertise. An excellent way to monetize a podcast is by offering services related to your topic.

For example, a podcast on health and wellness might offer fitness coaching. A marketing podcast might sell marketing strategies.

You should have no problem getting started here. The only thing you need on your website is a form to allow people to sign up for one of your coaching sessions.

How does a coaching session work?

It depends on you. A simple phone call or a video meeting may work.

Alternatively, you could schedule a face-to-face meeting at the client’s location. Choose whichever method works best for your customer.

Offer Members-Only Content

A few podcasters offer extra episodes for sale on top of their free content. A majority of podcasters have built a following. Membership is required to join.

Organize a Q&A session with your members to encourage listeners to become members.

5. Join an Advertising Network

Advertisement networks serve as a middleman between podcast hosts and sponsors.

Your show will include ads that will earn a network a commission from the placements. Most revenue-sharing networks follow a CPM model. The ad network will pay you for every 1,000 impressions served to the ad unit.

6. Offer Courses on Your Niche

Popular podcasters often create online courses that teach similar topics to what they discuss on their podcasts.

The advantage of taking an online course is that you can teach it in an easy-to-follow way.

You can also use a webinar platform to highlight your selling point and then offer your course at the end.

People like these because they interact with you live and are engaged.

7. Get Donations and Crowdfunding

One of the simplest ways to earn money from a podcast is by asking listeners for money. Many podcast fans are willing to give a few dollars to ensure they get great content in the future.

Because it’s easy to set up and promote, I always recommend this option when people ask us how to monetize a podcast.

8. Do Live Events or Public Speaking

Live podcast events are another way to monetize a podcast. You should consider this strategy if you have a faithful or local audience who would travel to see you.

A large audience is also required to profit, even if only a tiny proportion of listeners attend.

It is also possible to make a decent amount of money hosting events. Here’s how it works.

If each ticket sells for $50 and you have 20,000 regular listeners, and only 1% (200 people) attend, you will make $10,000.

9. Sell Your Podcast Merch

Is your show well-loved by your audience? Selling your products may be the next step. It may range from T-shirts and hoodies to stickers and coffee mugs.

Create your podcast-inspired brand with a logo, catchphrase, or podcast name.

If you want to sell merchandise, your website is the best place to do so. You can also sell podcast merchandise through a third-party platform.

You can use merch sales to connect with your audience in so many ways. Merch sales are also an excellent way to promote your show.

10. Convert Your Episodes into Books

Repurposing content you’ve already created can be a great way to develop sellable content. In addition, repurposing content results in you spending less time creating similar content.

Pick a few episodes of your podcast that discuss similar subjects. Transcribe the episodes, then edit them. Finally, package them together into a book, and add more value and resources where you can.

Consider investing a little money in a more professional design if this strategy appeals to your listeners. After that, you can convert it to an Amazon-friendly format. It’s much more effective to sell books on Amazon than on your website.

Your podcast is an excellent place to market your new book. Let them know that it’s a comprehensive way of learning what you’ve taught.

What’s the Best Way to Earn Through Podcasting?

You can monetize podcasts in a variety of ways. However, to maximize revenue, you need a monetization plan. First, be sure you are not annoying your audience. Secondly, record high-quality audio with proper tools for podcast.

You can also go the extra mile and transcribe podcast to make your content easier to digest. Finally, read tips to explore more on how to earn from podcasting. Websites like Startup Credo can help you out. Try using a little bit of each technique we shared above rather than concentrating on one. And indeed, your podcast will flourish and become your source of funds.

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