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10 Proven Ways of Creating Amazing & Engaging Mobile App Designs



10 Proven Ways of Creating Amazing & Engaging Mobile App Designs

Certainly, mobile application is the trend that is booming persistently all over the world. No more the usage of Smartphones is limited to making or receiving calls. From booking a cab to buying groceries or seeking medical help, every single service is just a click away. And this is just because of the mobile applications.

Maybe because of agile app development strategy, your application might perform flawlessly. But remember if you seriously want your application to shine, then your app would definitely need a fabulous design. The user experience quality that the app offers distinguishes it from the unsuccessful one and makes it a successful one.

What people expect from an app is delightful interaction, accessibility and swift loading time. Not a single user will prefer sticking to an imperfect app and would immediately install another app of similar type. Following are mentioned a few among various proven top tips that would help you in creating amazing mobile app designs so that your mobile app stands out from other similar apps.

1. Font Style

Highly stylized fonts might be visually appealing but can get on your nerves when you try to read them on a 5” screen. If your app user finds difficulty in reading the content, then your app’s purpose gets defeated. Ensure that you use contents having legible and eye pleasing fonts.

2. Consistent Design

Design consistency should be maintained throughout the app as it eliminates confusion. The text should also be formatted uniformly. Ensure the user interface elements behave pleasingly and in a predictable manner. Maintain a balance between boredom and intuitive consistency. When we talk about the design consistency of a mobile app, it means:

  • Functional Consistency – The working of the interactive elements integrated to your app must be similar.
  • Visual Consistency – Labels, typefaces and buttons must be consistent.
  • External Consistency – The design of all your products should be consistent.

3. Importance of Iterative Design

Iterative designs make use of the information, which evaluation models have collected like user testing for developing and evolving. Go through the app’s interface design gain and again so that your app has an engaging and highly interactive design. Iteration that you perform will bring great value lessons to you and this will help you in improving your app’s performance.

4. Know Your Users

Get to know your users thoroughly as you are going to create an app for them. Collect all the analytics and demographics defining your app user and assemble them into significant information. Observe minutely this information to figure out what the users exactly want from an app and the problems they encounter. The three fundamental tactics for achieving this are:

  • User Persona – Fictional characters that have been created using the usual behaviour of your app users. By doing this it becomes easy for you to have insights on what is going to drive your app user’s decisions while using your mobile app.
  • User Scenarios – Acquire the insights on persona’s behaviour by evaluating the user scenarios. Using the user scenarios, it becomes easy to design the best UI suiting their needs and through which they can achieve their goals.
  • Experience Maps – With the help of the charts of the experience map, you can get to know about every action performed by the user personas while interacting and using your app. Figuring out the personas’ feelings and understanding the circumstances surrounding the above-mentioned actions becomes easy for you with the help of these experience maps tables.

5. Make Your Design Responsive

For accessing apps, the devices used by the users are uncountable. Design your UI in such a manner that it can be run easily on different mobile platforms and devices. Considering both the platforms, i.e. Android and iOS, you will have to create your app unless your brand, company or product is targeting only one platform and have the plan to launch on any one App Store out of the two. Take all the measures like examine, look into and explore all the likely issues to make your design highly responsive.

6. Constant Testing

You need to test your mobile app constantly to ensure smooth running of your mobile app and the design. Beta tester can be used for testing the design. Ensure that your design is free from any glitches or bugs. Rectify the errors.

7. Make Use Of Visual Elements

Other than informative text, your app will need a lot of visual elements that would make your app design appear even more amazing. Don’t use heavy visual elements as it will affect the loading time. Try using pictures, build animations or 3D images that would make your app look pleasant.

8. Goal-driven App Design

Conduct surveys and take interviews are a part of user research that will assist you in discovering what your target users expect from your app. By doing this you can create goal-driven app designs and modify the workflow of your app as per the needs of your target users.

9. Keep Updating Your Design

Surely you will not want your mobile application to get boring or out of date. Everything needs to be updated and so is in the case of app designs. Keep updating your designs considering trendiest concepts. Avoid making too many changes at once as your users might find difficulty in adapting to huge alterations. Also, don’t keep updating your app too often. This will also annoy your users.

10. Keep Your Design Simple

While trying to make your app design super basic, make sure that you don’t make it too complicated. The app is going to be viewed by your users on a device having a small screen. Refrain yourself from jamming too much into a limited space. With simple designs also you can keep your users engaged.


Designing a mobile app is certainly a daunting task. A perfect blend of functionality and beauty is the key behind having great mobile app designs. Focus on the basics and follow the above-mentioned tips for designing an award-winning app.

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