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10 Marketing Tips for Fintech Startups on a Budget



10 Marketing Tips for Fintech Startups on a Budget

Marketing and boosting the visibility of a Fintech is pretty essential. While developing and designing a great product is another way to boost the company’s visibility, you cannot undermine the importance of the right marketing strategies. There is no denying the fact that the market for fintech apps is developing at a rapid pace.

Nowadays, a vast majority of people rely on fintech apps to manage their finances. Interestingly, people use fintech apps more than video streaming platforms. Opting for mobile application development services would help your company beat and outsmart the competition. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the top ten marketing tips for budget-conscious fintech startups.

1. Try to Educate Users

Do you know that financial literacy is pretty low even among educated professionals? That’s why your fintech marketing strategy should rely a great deal on educating the customers. You can create educational videos and include them in your social channels. Moreover, you can create compelling content to enlighten your target audiences. Ensure that your fintech app is cross-platform-enabled for easier access.

2. Always prioritize Trust

Always remember that the fintech industry lacks trust. That’s why every fintech startup should prioritize trust to market their brand. Usually, users who trust you will have the apps installed on their devices. Make sure that you provide them with timely updates. Here are some ways in which you can foster trust.

  • Provide valuable content which educates and builds trust
  • Encourage the use of feedback

3. Be Empathetic

Do you know that fintech companies have a terrible reputation for not caring for their customers? While technology is ever-evolving, you just cannot turn a blind eye to the complaints of your clients. Note that customers opt for social media only when you don’t care for them. In these challenging times, your fintech startup should resort to an empathetic marketing approach. Moreover, you should align the objectives of your customer support and social media teams.

4. Develop Valuable Content

Note that content has great importance in boosting the popularity of your fintech startup. In the realm of fintech marketing, compelling content will provide your campaigns with the attention they deserve. From discussing the trending issues to crafting blogs on educational topics, content created by you will always be valued.

5. Turn your Attention to Smartphones

To be precise, fintech companies have developed their products for a variety of platforms. However, as a startup, if you want to bolster your popularity, don’t ignore smartphones. There is no denying that smartphones have become more affordable. On the other hand, cellular internet is widely available. That’s why every fintech startup should focus on developing apps and websites by considering the priority of smartphone users.

6. Social Media Marketing always Counts

The effectiveness of social media marketing is pretty prevalent for fintech startups. Note that social media is the appropriate place from where you can generate precise leads and nurture them. When the context is about fintech marketing, you should always identify the market segment you want to target. From Facebook to LinkedIn, you should recognize the apt platforms to share your message.

7. Identify your USP

One of the main drawbacks of traditional banks is their cumbersome processes. Even straightforward tasks like opening an account or applying for a loan take a significant amount of time. Marketing how your fintech company will simplify service is pretty crucial. In simple words, you have to identify your USP during marketing. Acquire new users with the help of your company’s USP.

8. Open a Blog for your Company

To be precise, a blog is vital for the success of any type of company. And if you are a fintech startup, a blog is quite important to educate your customers. Moreover, you will be able to announce the arrival of new schemes and products straight from the blog posts. Maintaining quality content on the blogs will help your company improve its overall SEO. A user who reads and provides feedback to your blogs trusts you.

9. Invest in Email Marketing

Do you know that email marketing is the obvious way to avail of top-quality leads? Moreover, with emails, you can communicate directly with those who have requested to hear from your company. With email marketing, you can know who is opening and clicking through the emails.

10. Opt for Smart Ads

Your fintech marketing should focus on generating an impression in areas where the target audience gets enormous attention. You should be smart with your ad campaigns by investing in online platforms. From Google ads to LinkedIn ads, you will get high-quality leads and prospects with the help of smart ads.

The marketing ideas stated above will help your fintech company to grow and prosper.

Prashant Pujara is the founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a mobile app development company in Ahmedabad where you can find hire dedicated mobile app developers for your business. He is in charge of the company's commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.

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