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10 Career Options You Have with a Degree in Psychology



10 Career Options You Have with a Degree in Psychology

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A bachelor’s degree in psychology is one of the most popular college courses, with 100,000 people graduating annually.

While becoming a practicing psychologist requires a doctorate, there are other careers you can pursue with your degree. Here are the top 10 careers jobs that you can take if you have a bachelors in psychology.

Childcare or Social Worker

One of the careers you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in psychology is social work. The job involves assessing the needs of people within a community and offering solutions.

A bachelor’s degree can afford you the tools to treat your clients with compassion. The course allows you to analyze and offer solutions in the best interest of the client.

Become a Criminologist

You can pursue a career in criminology if you have a psychology degree. Criminology is often associated with law enforcement or the study of criminal behavior.

With a degree in psychology, you can find an entry-level position in criminology. You can work as a forensic scientist, private investigator, or polygraph examiner.

Psychology Research Assistant

The job of a research assistant involves a lot of problem-solving, reviews, and testing. You will interview people or conduct surveys and behavioral analyses.

A bachelor’s degree covers many aspects related to working as a program assistant. You can find jobs at university research labs or government agencies.

Work as a Probation Officer

A probation officer monitors the behavior of convicted offenders and ensures they follow the sentencing rules. You may start your career as a probation officer with a degree in psychology.

Becoming a probation officer requires an in-depth understanding of criminal behavior, mental conditions, and substance abuse.

A Sales Manager

Your psychology degree enables you to analyze the market and develop winning sales strategies. You may need additional qualifications in communications or sales along with your BA.

Advertising Agent

You can also work in the media and advertising department. But just as with a sales manager, you may require management, communications, or business certification.

Rehabilitation and Mental Health Specialist

With a BA in psychology, you can start a career as a mental health counselor. You can work with clients with a wide range of mental conditions. You will often have to obtain a license after performing some clinical work.

Career Counselor for Students and Job Seekers

As a psychology graduate, you can work as a counselor helping students find their career paths. You’ll be analyzing student’s abilities, interests, and needs. If you are looking for a bachelor’s in psychology jobs, it is worth noting that some employers may require a master’s. That’s because the position requires licensing.

A Human Resource Specialist

A human resource specialist is tasked with screening, interviewing, and recruiting new employees. They also guide staff through human resource procedures for the company.

You’ll perform other administrative duties, such as ensuring the company complies with regulations. The position usually requires a degree in communications, business, or psychology.

Be a Writer or Journalist

By the time you complete the bachelor’s degree course from a reputable place like Best Psychology Degrees, you’ll have done a lot of writing. So journalism is a possible career path.

A journalist has to investigate stories by interviewing people from different walks of life. The degree provides a foundation for a career as a reporter or journalist.

There are many careers you could pursue with your bachelor’s degree. There may be some additional requirements for some jobs. So it is always advisable to research your career path before making a decision.

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