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Why Vitamin B12 is Important to Everyone’s Health



Vitamin B12

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Many people are aware of the benefits of taking multivitamins with well-known needed nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin D. Fewer people are aware of the full spectrum of vitamins that are essential to our health and that list includes the very important vitamin B12. While vitamin B12 lacks the widespread awareness of some of the other nutrients, its import to our body’s day-to-day functioning is vital. Vitamin B12 provides us with a number of benefits that make it worth adding to your vitamin regime.

Absorption & Supplementation

Our own bodies are not able to produce vitamin B12 on their own, so it is something that needs to be supplied each day, either through our diet or an additional supplement. Vitamin B12 is available in a number of different forms such as multivitamins, B-complex or B12 vitamins or lozenges, B12 shots, or nasal sprays. For a number of reasons, some people can have trouble absorbing B12 through their digestive system and may benefit from other methods of intake such as the aforementioned shots or sprays.

Energy & Vitality

Vitamin B12 is a true powerhouse and helps us out in a variety of functions. B12 assists our bodies in maintaining an effective metabolism, keeping our energy levels high throughout the day. Signs of a B12 deficiency can be weakness, sluggishness, or issues with balance, so boosting your body’s supply may help keep that pep in your step. Similarly, Vitamin B12 keeps our nervous system in tip-top shape by protecting our nerves with a fatty layer that it helps to build.

Brain Function & Mood Stabilization

Vitamin B12 also does quite a bit for our brains. It helps ensure proper brain function, once again playing a vital role in nerve behavior, and it may guard against dementia and memory loss. In addition, vitamin B12 is a key ingredient in the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that acts as a mood stabilizer, assists in sleep and digestion, and contributes to our overall feelings of well-being.

Cell Growth & Overall Glow

Vitamin B12 is also a workhorse in our cells. Vitamin B12 is involved in the production of DNA, the genetic material in all our cells. Thus, not only does the vitamin contribute to the health of all organs and processes inside our bodies but encourages the growth, shine, and glow of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

The positive benefits of having a healthy supply of vitamin B12 are clear and will be felt by you and your body as you travel together through each day.

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