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Why Seat Covers are a Great Idea for Your New Car



Why Seat Covers are a Great Idea for Your New Car

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Most people when they buy a new car or truck face the inevitable question of whether to also add seat covers or not. After all, they just paid or committed to pay a hefty price for a brand-new vehicle. Why in the world would one want to then spend more money on seat covers and not just enjoy the brand new seats already in the car? Well, there’s a couple of really good reasons to consider.

General Seat Protection

Think about how many times you’re probably going to eat something in the car, be holding a coffee or soda drink, or be carrying someone that if dropped would make a mess? Anything liquid whether food or cosmetics or similar is going to be an impossible mess to clean up if it gets onto a car seat, whether leather or material. And, almost as bad, anything with oil on it will do just as much damage. Many adults will argue they are darn good at protecting things and wouldn’t spill a drop, but the fact is it happens a lot. And if kids are involved, the mess will be ten times as bad. So, seat covers are a must simply to protect the seats from damage.

Sun Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can be extremely damaging to anything with color. Over time, the sun’s exposure will cause material seats to fade in color, and it will also dry out the leather and fake leather to the point of cracking. Once that happens, the seat interior begins to be exposed, and the entire seat starts to fall apart. The sun’s bleaching effect is a good reason not just to have seat covers but also dashboard covers as well. You could try to repair the seats yourself, but the tools and skill required may make the task feel as challenging as crossing the Grand Canyon for most.

Look and Appearance

Which do you think is going to make a better impression when you have guests in a car, brand new-looking seats, or those that have been worn in and not covered? Obviously, the seats that have been covered will retain their new look and be extremely inviting to sit on for guests. This is the beauty of a seat cover; it saves your car seats for when they really matter to make an impression. Just remove the covers, pick up the guests, and show off your new-looking car interior.

Resale Value

While most vehicles will never sell again for the same value there were sold for originally, often dropping at least 40 percent as soon as the vehicle is driven off the dealer’s lot, protecting the interior can still go long ways towards adding to a car’s value when it is to be resold. No one really wants to buy a used car where the seats inside look ratty. Used cars with handsome interiors will sell quickly and for a premium.


No one has to settle for the seats that came with their car when seat covers make it possible to customize the feel and look of the interior. Given how many choices are available, there’s something for everyone when it comes to the range of seat covers available. There are even heated seat covers!

Seat covers like CoverKing seat covers provide car owners a customized portfolio of seat cover choices that have an ideal fit without bunch, sagging, snags, or ill-fitting form. Instead, the entire seat and accessories associated with the seat are covered correctly and to form the specific vehicle’s model and year. The results are one of the best-looking car seat covers available and an improvement where some damage has already occurred to the original seat upholstery.

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