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Top 6 Tips for Managing Your Personal Reputation Online



Top 6 Tips for Managing Your Personal Reputation Online

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In this day and age, thanks to the internet, all kinds of information is available in an instant. This includes information about yourself. There are several things you can do to take charge of your online reputation and ensure it stays positive.

Purchase a Domain Name

Purchasing a URL that has your first and last name as the domain is one of the best things you can do for your online reputation management. If you have a common name, this might not be possible, so consider including your middle initial. Fill the website with content that shows yourself in a positive light.

Remove Information

Perform an online search for yourself on any major search engine and thoroughly examine what comes up. Many websites exist that publicize personal information like your name, address, criminal records, and phone numbers. What people often don’t know is that you can easily send a request to remove your information from the site.

Use Privacy Settings

On every site that you use, whether it’s social media, message board postings, or email, make sure you maximize the privacy settings. This helps to keep your information from falling into the wrong hands where it can do real damage.

Be Active on Social Media

When you stay active on major social media sites, it plays a big role in building your online reputation. It also allows you to control information about yourself to a degree. Post regularly, and include only photos, writing, and shared content that portrays you in a positive light.

Set Up an Online Alert

Most major search engines allow users to set up an alert about any topic. Sign up for alerts on your name. This lets you monitor new information that may appear online without having to perform the search yourself on a daily basis. If you are notified with an alert, check into it right away and take action if needed.

Keep Personal and Professional Separate

When it comes to online reputation management, keeping your personal and professional information separate is critical. Set up a separate email for your family and friend communication. Have a different email address for employment or business-related communication. Keep it simple by using only your name as the email address.

With so many online channels out there, it might seem overwhelming when trying to keep your personal reputation clean. A little effort can go a long way though, and in the end, it will pay off.

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