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The Benefits of Commercial Cardboard Recycling



The Benefits of Commercial Cardboard Recycling

Image by 95C from Pixabay

If your business generates cardboard then recycling is the responsible thing to do and will be an important part of your business strategy. Commercial cardboard recycling comes with a number of different benefits and you can do your part to make the world a better place and help save the environment.

Reduces the Effects of Global Warming

Cardboard that is trashed and fills up the landfill will typically break down and release a greenhouse gas called methane. Methane has been known to contribute to global warming even more than carbon dioxide. When cardboard is recycled then the level of greenhouse gases that end up being released into the atmosphere is reduced.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Cardboard is derived from processed wood fibers, which means that less recycling of cardboard is needed compared to a purer product. When less is needed for processing then there is a reduction in the amount of energy that is needed. This also means there will be reduced use of fuel sources that can be harmful to the ecosystem.

Water Conservation

There is a significant amount of water that is used to make paper products that come from wood materials. Recycled cardboard has passed through the processed stage already, which means less water is needed when compared to the production of new materials. When processing recycled cardboard, you can save approximately 7,000 gallons of water on every ton of cardboard recycled.

Helps Save the Forest

Deforestation has been a significant contributor to global warming. Recycling cardboard will reduce the need to cut down trees in order to make paper products. Recycling just one ton of cardboard can save between 12 and 17 trees m, depending on different variables, such as the amount of post-consumer product used to make the recycled paper or the pulpwood process. This protects the forest, as well as the natural habitat of many different animal species, and makes the world a better place. Trees also help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment, making it even more important to save as many trees as possible.

Keeps Landfill Space Open

Cardboard takes up a lot of space in the landfills. For every ton of recycled cardboard, about 9 cubic yards of landfill space are spared. This leaves more room for things that should actually belong in the landfill.

Even though there are many benefits to cardboard recycling, it may not always be the easiest process. The process includes sorting, baling, shredding, washing, bleaching, pressing, and rolling. Cardboard recycling will generally require breaking down the boxes and checking to make sure the board doesn’t contain any grease, food particles, or other contaminants. If you are going to be recycling a lot of cardboard or other recyclable products, working with a company to help maximize your strategy can help you do your part, as well as save your business money. Paper and cardboard recycling machines can help make the process much easier and are the backbone of the recycling process. In order to make this more efficient, you will need to invest in quality equipment.

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