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The 9 Best Cool Jackets You Can Wear Everyday Year-Round




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Selecting a perfect outfit that you would feel confident stepping out in can be a constant struggle. It gets even more overwhelming when mixing and matching pieces create even more options. Dressing according to weather adds another complication to this dilemma. But fortunately, there is one item that you can never go wrong with and that’s a jacket.

So, without further ado let’s explore some excellent jacket options we have in store for you. Adding them to your collection will ensure that you dress smartly all year round.

1. Brown leather biker jacket

Brown jackets are a staple piece that must be a part of your wardrobe. A biker jacket is a unique combination of classic and modern fashion. Having one in brown will give you something different from the usual black jackets. Small details like copper buttons and zippers lend it the perfect cool touches.

2. Graphic bomber jacket

Neutrals colors must be put aside sometime in favor of something bright and quirky. Whenever you need a break from routine dressing up in fun colors and patterns can always cheer you up. We have a particular recommendation for this category which is our Go-Big Show Snoop Dogg Jacket.

This stunning piece is a quality replica of Snoop Dogg’s fashion choice. A bold graffiti style print on a blue background will be the center of attention at any gathering. Perfect to wear for a casual weekend outing with your friends this jacket has all the bells and whistles. And you will be extremely comfortable in it due to the soft viscose inner lining. An iconic piece like this deserves a place in your collection.

3. Suede biker jacket

Suede jackets are the kind of wear which makes you stand out immediately in a crowd. Apart from the usual colors they also come in gorgeous ones like charcoal and mocha tones. This jacket speaks classy and elegant the moment you put it on. Suede has a smooth finish that is luxurious to the touch and automatically elevates your style game.

4. Varsity jacket

This is a style loved by jocks everywhere, yet anyone can still don it for that youthful sporty vibe. Even if you are not a high schooler or college student it adds a dash of vintage style. Varsity jackets have a simple and clean cut which looks sophisticated. The jacket automatically looks more expensive and classier if bought in black, gray, or navy. Keep this in mind when you are out shopping for one.

5. Field jacket

Field jackets stay in fashion all the time regardless of the rapidly changing trends. It is specifically suited for summer and spring wear. The modern play on what used to be military apparel does not deviate much from the original style. Therefore, a vintage appeal is attached to this jacket. Especially if you choose a slightly baggy fit. But if you are a fan of modern touches then go for oversized pockets and washed-out tones.

6. Down Gilet

Down gilets were not much popular in the beginning. But what was once a style favored by countryside inhabitants is now dominating the fashion world. The best thing about this jacket is that it is super comfortable and highly practical. Even luxury brands endorse this athletic design now. A must have if you love to spend your spare time in the great outdoors.

7. Coach jacket

This style is very similar to varsity jackets. They are functional, water resistant, and light weight. Which makes them a great option to make them your regular signature wear. There are newer versions available which transform it from an average jacket to an essential streetwear. Features like snap button fronts and point collars mirror the original. Yet a trendier cut is added for the benefit of modern-day wearers.

8. Trucker jacket

A trucker is a staple clothing item for all seasons. They are handy and comfortable and can be worn layered to keep out the rough weather. On warmer days it can be paired with boots and a pair of jeans as a trusty casual. One can experiment in fabric when it comes to trucker jackets to make them more exciting. Choices like corduroy, denim, and wool are versatile and chic, especially in dark shades.

9. Harrington jacket

Your wardrobe simply cannot be complete without a Harrington jacket. The design is both practical and stylish. The sleek and neat silhouette is ideal for layering and or to throw on over a light t-shirt. The simplicity of this jacket is what makes it a gem and worth investing upon.

This was our selection of jackets you can use to build a complete wardrobe fit for all occasions and seasons. Go to Movie leather jackets to purchase these styles and many more in the most affordable of prices.

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