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Seven Reasons Comic Book Fans Should Check Out Geiger



Geiger comic

Set in a desolate near-future world that has been devastated by nuclear war, the new comic Geiger follows a strange man who roams the ravaged Nevada desert, clashing with battling crime factions and searching for his family.

Here are seven reasons why readers looking for an action-packed and intriguing adventure should check out this new story.

1. Follows an Intriguing Main Character

Writer Geoff Johns delivers an engaging main protagonist in Tariq Geiger, a man with mysterious radioactive powers who even the toughest crime factions fear. Geiger is a compelling character with his superhuman powers, commitment to family, and search for his identity.

This story is also one of just a few popular comics to put an Arab character front and center, bringing much-needed representation to the comic book world.

2. Features Excellent and Expressive Art

Artist Gary Frank brings his signature expressive art style that perfectly captures the emotion of the story. Readers will love his rendering of action scenes and his ability to translate the desolation of a post-nuclear wasteland to the page. Colorist Brad Anderson employs a warm color palette perfectly encapsulates the hopelessness of the sun-bleached desert wasteland.

3. Includes Interesting Supporting Characters

While Geiger’s journey is the main focus of the comic, the comic creates a wild post-apocalyptic Vegas full of characters with interesting motives and backgrounds to explore. The narrative deftly weaves these supporting characters into the primary plot.

4. Takes Inspiration From Worthy Works

The creators of Geiger drew inspiration from many different fascinating and gritty works, like Mad Max, 2000 A.D., and True Grit. Fans of these works will recognize their themes in the harsh and brutal story. Characters like Savage Dragon and Spawn provide inspiration for the title character as he navigates the violent Nevada landscape, seeking to save his family and possibly the world.

5. Employs Perfect Timing

The story is perfectly paced to provide questions and answers, leaving readers both satisfied and wanting more. Reveals are spread out judiciously. At no point does the narrative feel like it’s dragging, providing action and excitement while still delivering depth.

6. Twists the Post-Apocalyptic Concept

Post-apocalyptic stories are a dime a dozen, so to capture readers’ interest, a narrative needs to approach this setting differently. Through its characters, details, and setting, Geiger is able to do just that, taking the nuclear fallout trope and turning it on its head. Clearly, the concept is resonating with audiences, causing the first few issues to sell out quickly.

7. Provides a New World to Explore

This comic takes readers out of the familiar worlds of Marvel and DC into a fresh, new environment. Though these other universes are well-known and beloved, readers will appreciate the excitement that the unfamiliar world of Geiger brings.

For readers who want a gripping tale with a compelling plot and characters, Geiger delivers. Its fresh but gritty take on the family man wandering a desolate world is sure to intrigue even those readers who have had enough of post-apocalyptic storylines.

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