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International Car Shipping: Everything to Know



International Car Shipping Everything to Know

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When relocating to another country, many people face the challenge of leaving their car or moving with it. Before deciding, it’s good to understand everything regarding international car shipping. The following details will guide you in making the right decision.

What Is Involved?

International car shipping happens through various companies that will transport your vehicle from your country of residence to another location. The service’s cost depends on the distance covered in moving your vehicle.

The initial step for dealing with these companies is inquiring whether they offer auto transport services to your preferred destination. They would then outline the involved process and give you a quote. For instance, when looking for Arizona to Florida auto transport, shipping companies, they would give you quotes to choose from. The same applies to international auto shipping, so it’s advisable to choose a reliable service.

Pros of International Car Shipping

International auto shipping offers an individual the chance to keep classic vehicles. For instance, if your car is unavailable in the country you’re moving to, it’s best to carry what you have. The option is ideal for people who strongly connect with their vehicles.

Shipping your car to a new country offers you a lot of conveniences. It will reduce the burden of figuring out how to use public transport. It would also reduce the cost of renting a car for daily errands. Relocating in your car is the best solution to comfort during transportation in a new country.

Cons of International Car Shipping

The main challenge of shipping your car overseas is the price. Regardless of how you do it or the services you use, be prepared to part with a substantial amount of money. The overseas auto shipping cost would vary depending on the distance and vehicle’s weight. Therefore, getting price quotations from different companies is advisable to ensure you make the right decision.

Another challenge is the import taxes. These taxes vary from one country to another. In some cases, it might not be included in the quote given to you by the shipping company. Therefore, you must research well to ensure that shipping your car to another country is the best decision. You don’t want to pay costs equal to purchasing a new vehicle in the destination country.

Is It Worth It?

The answer to this question depends on why you wish to ship your vehicle to a new country. For instance, if your car has sentimental value, it would be worth it to incur the necessary costs to relocate it with you. This is a common case for people who own classic cars or vehicles not found in the country they are moving to. In such a case, the individual would enjoy the comfort of their car, regardless of whether they are on a short stay or vacation.

If you are going on a short stay, shipping your vehicle would be costlier than leaving it in your country. You could pay for parking or storage for the period you’ll be gone. You could also have a friend look after the car. In this case, you must wonder how you would maneuver in the new country. The good news is that various rental companies will rent you a car at an affordable price. Therefore, you will have minimal challenges running errands during the short stay.

Shipping your vehicle overseas is only a worthwhile decision if the vehicle is a classic or you are moving permanently. You could also consider the decision if you don’t mind the high shipment cost and import taxes. What matters most is choosing the most convenient decision for your scenario.

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