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How You Can Afford to Quit Your Day Job



How You Can Afford to Quit Your Day Job

Many aspiring entrepreneurs begin their business venture so they can take control of their income. Instead of working to produce income for someone else, they want to create an income stream entirely their own. Yet, being in charge of how much you work and make can actually make things more complicated than before. With the new responsibilities of managing every sale and service, as well as deciding where to spend or reinvest your profits, it can be very easy to lose money when first start out on your own.

Anyone with a dream of quitting their day jobs understands that pursuing their passions will cost time and money. They’re prepared to live off of a savings for a while, and bootstrap any essentials they need. Yet when it actually comes adding up all the costs, things are often forgotten. You may be aware that you’ll have to advertise on social media or start a website, but do you know how much a domain name could cost, along with hosting? If you’re going freelance, do you know exactly how much taxes will cut into your profits?

Finding the money to follow your dreams won’t always be easy, but with thorough preparation, nothing should stand in the way of what makes you happy. You may have to cut a few cups of coffee or dinners out, but you can reach your goals. To learn more about the unexpected expenses of going freelance, and how you can afford them, check out this visual below by Turbo.

How You Can Afford to Quit Your Day Job

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