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How To Get Ready for Your Next Date



How To Get Ready for Your Next Date

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You’ve got a hot date planned, and you’re excited. You know this is going to be a fun evening. Just how fun remains to be seen, but a little preparation might help things rock. All the plans are made, so now it’s just a matter of getting yourself ready. Here are some tips to prepare yourself, no matter how long the night lasts or where it might lead.

Clean Your Body

Take a shower with your favorite soap — smelling nice is always going to be appreciated by your date — and be sure you feel refreshed and clean. A shower is a great way to unwind and switch mindsets from your day into evening mode. Plus, no one feels confident going on a date with sweaty pits. Whatever else you need to do to prep your body for date night, whether it’s shaving various body parts, putting on makeup, or getting your hair just so, do it with a mood-setting soundtrack. It’s practically impossible not to bring your mojo when you listen to “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé or “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, and Nile Rodgers.

Wear Your Best Underwear

Maybe you don’t know for sure what will happen on your date, but you can let your imagination run wild. Unless you choose your rattiest old skivvies. That’s the best way to ensure you won’t let anyone see them and crush that daydream. Go for the gold with your favorite pair of underwear. You know the ones — they’re comfortable, eye-catching, and they make you look sexy. Also, they breathe, and the fabric wicks away sweat, so your date won’t be faced with your SWASS in the heat of the moment. Keeping everything clean and fresh down there is a sure way to boost your confidence.

The following recommendation is for those of you who have balls. The real kind — not the metaphorical ones. Everyone else can just skip right over this and read the next section about relaxing. For those of you who are still reading, grab a pair of men’s underwear with pouch to wear on your date and you will be so glad you did. The ball-lifting hammock will make you feel and look like you’re ready to proudly model underwear. Pick a print that makes you feel fierce, and head into the night knowing that your disco stick is supported and ready for anything.


You’re bound to put your foot in your mouth if you show up to your date uptight about what the other person will think. Some nerves are natural, of course, but try to find a way to be as much yourself as possible through the jitters. Grab a drink while you’re getting ready if that helps calm your nerves, but stick with one. You don’t want to completely turn off your filter before the night even begins. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in. Nothing can kill your chill like having to constantly adjust your pants all evening.

Finally, know that if you have another date with this person and your relationship grows, they are definitely going to get to know the real you. Don’t try to present an alternate version of yourself on the first date to impress the person. If he or she isn’t into you, then so be it. Stressing out over pretending to be someone you’re not for several dates will only delay the inevitable and make things more painful for everyone.

Put some effort into bringing the best version of you on your next date, pouch underwear and all. Just be sure you’re bringing the real you. No one wants to date a flaky impostor.

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