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How Often To Wash Car in Winter?



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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Keeping your vehicle clean in winter is almost a daily challenge. You just have to drive a few meters in the snow or slush. And the result is a dirty car from one bumper to the other. But the question is how often to wash car in winter?

In reality, even if it stays shiny for a shorter time in winter, you should not neglect its cleanliness. Especially if you want to keep your vehicle in good condition, you need to clean it often. In general, the interval should be of 10 days.

Do you have more questions? Let’s answer all of them.

How Often To Wash Car In Winter: Truth And Myth


A well-known myth about car washing in winter is that you don’t need to wash it regularly. Washing a car in winter can jam the door or frost the door.

Another thing people believe is that it is pointless. Washing the car isn’t worth it at all as it gets dirty the next moment!

But these are totally baseless. We understand where these myths come from. In winter, because of the cold, people tend to avoid water and thus these excuses.


Cold, snow, and abrasives put a strain on vehicles. Washes do not replace anti-corrosion treatments. However, they slow the progression of rust by cleaning up the buildup of corrosive agents, such as de-icing salt.

One of the reasons to clean the car in winter is the salt. Salt is used to prevent freezing roads and reduce slippery surfaces. Sodium chloride is a highly corrosive element for car paint, so it is imperative to wash it regularly.

Do it even if only with water to remove any traces of salt that may have adhered to the car. Secondly, we must also consider that the traffic authorities can penalize us for having the car too dirty.

How often you need to wash your vehicle depends mostly on weather conditions. Your car gets dirty, especially when it is snowing, and salt or sand must be spread on the roads. But in general, a week to 10 days is a standard interval.

Why And How To Wash Your Car In Winter?

Here are a few good reasons to wash your car in winter and some tips to get the job done well.

Be more visible

If you don’t wash your entire car, make sure your headlights and lights are clean. You will be much more visible to other motorists.

See better

Windshield wipers and washer fluid can clean your windshield while driving. We don’t teach you anything about that. But the side windows remain dirty all the time. And it’s the same if you don’t have a wiper on the rear window. Wash them often to get the best possible visibility.

The war on calcium

Washing your car removes calcium. Calcium comes stupidly from the salt-sprayed on the road in winter. And what causes calcium buildup? Corrosion! And that, we especially do not want in our car.

Eliminate the calcium inside too

Calcium doesn’t just build up on the bodywork, but on your car’s carpets, which could cause the floor to corrode. We don’t want that either. Take note that vinegar is very effective in removing traces of calcium from tissues.

Be careful; the water freezes below zero

If, on a clear day, you try to wash your car yourself in your driveway, be careful. You could quickly find yourself on an ice rink.

Dry the outside

If you are going to the car wash, bring a chamois to wring out each of the doors thoroughly. Otherwise, you might have a hard time opening them the next morning. Don’t forget the trunk! If you wash your car yourself, you will not use the dryer in the car wash.

Also, make sure that there is no water accumulated in your locks. You might have difficulty removing them.

Dry the inside too

Dry your rugs well after washing them. Otherwise, you could end up with a buildup of moisture, which is anything but desirable. Humidity obviously promotes corrosion but also causes unpleasant odors.

Take the extra for the wax

At the car wash, pay the little extra for wax. Wax helps protect your paint, unlike soap, which only washes. This tip also applies to all other seasons.

Big spring wash

Once spring arrives, it’s time to wash thoroughly. Vacuum the carpet, just to say goodbye to the little rocks that have accumulated over the past few months. Don’t hesitate to take out whatever is lying around in the car and sort it out; it won’t hurt. In addition, it will stay clean longer.

Last but not least, use the best car wash brush.


Although it seems contradictory, washing the car in winter is more important than doing it in summer. It may be that constant rainfall, cold, and snow give us the feeling that it is not necessary to polish. But if you do not do it, it can be seriously damaged. And how often to wash the car in winter? Very often, we must say.

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