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How Can Bed Bugs Negatively Affect Your Overall Health

Isabella Bonita




Bed Bugs Negatively Affect Your Overall Health

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There is no doubt that modern medicine has made miracles in dealing with hard types of diseases. However, there are some bugs like bed bugs, which can be harmless for most people and create serious conditions for some others.

Bed bugs are minor insects that happen to reside on your facial skin. They usually cannot enter the blood circulation, and in healthy persons, the immune system can stop them right away from proliferating. Chances are that these bugs can create serious illnesses to persons that are having issues with their immune system integrity.

People who suffer from heart and lung diseases and the ones that have undergone surgeries are the most vulnerable from bed bugs. You need to ensure that proper cleaning has been made to all the premises in your house. Since they are apparent to your bed and sheets as well as the mattresses you are the one that has to sanitize them all the time.

Do you have any clue why bed bugs can increase their population in a short period? Are you aware of the systemic inflammation that bed bugs can cause if they breach the skin barrier? Are there any efficient ways to naturally get rid of them without the fear that they would be extinct once and for all?

For all these reasons and if you want to have all your questions answered please follow this review till the end. You have a lot to earn without spending your time in useless publications that do not address the issue with the proper seriousness.

What are the bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that naturally have evolved with men kind. They are in large portions of your skin and never penetrate your body. They are living their brief lives alongside with you. They live close to your bedsheets and mattresses since there are many dead cells from your skin over there.

These bugs have no eyes and cannot see beyond yourself. This means that you are vulnerable to their attacks since they can only detect you from the heat of your body. It is not rare to see bed bugs leaving the body of a dead man soon after the inner temperature lowers. That is why they are getting fed with apoptotic cells that are constantly getting created over the superficial part of your dermis (skin).

These bugs tend to multiply a lot sooner than other insects and can become close to a million in numbers to people that suffer from serious dermal infections. When getting to such a big number they can cause dermatological emergencies and you may need hospitalization.

The feces of these bugs are irritating for your skin and can penetrate your pores easily. For many years doctors have been struggling to create the right creams and ointments for this condition. Today they are proud to state that people can always get the right treatment for bed bugs should they get diagnosed soon enough.

What are the most serious illnesses associated with bed bugs?

If you look at the archives you may find a ton of information about people that have suffered from serious conditions when their bed bugs increased in numbers. Not only did they needed hospitalization, but also their life has been put in danger.

First, the most innocent symptom of bed bugs invasion is acute dermatitis. This type of inflammation is affecting all your facial and body skin and gives you great redness and itching to the point where you cannot stand anywhere. Your appearance changes and you have no change to enter your workplace the way you did when you didn’t suffer from such a condition.

It is a serious condition where you may need to take oral medications and have some days off from work. Of course, you need to change your mattress and sheets and make sure you are having multiple showers throughout the day with specific shampoos and body wash creams. Many people benefit from the use of alcohol and betadine in their most affected skin areas.

Some of the most unlucky people may put their life in peril with bed bugs. Should they enter the blood circulation they can create a general kind of vessel inflammation that may lead to sepsis. This is a severe condition that needs acute hospitalization. The need to take intravenous antibiotics is apparent and you will be lucky to survive should the bugs not colonize your organs.

This is a rare condition that happens once in a hundred million patients. However, you have to know that bed bugs are not that innocent and you always need to take the proper precautions against them. When you are suspicious of a bed bug infection you should always refer to your dermatologist specialist to have a proper view.

Make sure that your bed is always in perfect condition and that you keep on sanitizing it regularly. Most of the bed bug infections can be easily handled should you take the proper treatment early enough.


Bed bugs are everywhere in your house. You are the one to know better what are the actions you need to take to clean up your house and keep the bedbugs population to the lowest necessary levels. There is no need to worry if people try to scare you about the presence of such bugs on you.

They have been living with humans for thousands of years. Today’s life is pressing enough to make you anxious about the presence of bed bugs over your skin. However, if you keep washing your hands and take showers at regular times then you don’t have to worry about anything.

Special shampoos and conditioners have evolved to fight against bed bugs that can colonize your scalp. Make sure you are always using the right ones so that you can have your head free from bed bugs that can interfere with the normal apoptosis of your hair. You are the one to take your health seriously.

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