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Current Trends in the Art World



Current Trends in the Art World

The art world is ever changing. Some trends have surprised us, and some trends we have tried, such as the rise of digital art and fluid painting, while some trends are rooted in our here and now. Looking back on all the ups and downs, I look at the year that stood out for me and the trends that surprised me.

Trends in selling art

Most sales platforms agree that the online art market will be dominated by a few global players over the next five years. The transactional elements of art markets will emerge and open them up to a new generation of art lovers.

In the long run, the transactional element of the art market will emerge to democratize it and open it up to new generations of art lovers, just as it has been with digital art over the last year.

Trends in societal views of art

Current trends suggest art will make a comeback as a more classic art form and art collectors and art lovers will be offered the opportunity to rekindle their love for art history and the art world.

The influx of technology promises to influence the way masterpieces are reviewed, bought, and enjoyed. Second, the art industry’s technology companies want to apply big data to the art market, incorporating market trends and past achievements to predict the value of new works.

With a fast-growing, open-minded middle class, we can see how limited-edition art forms are becoming extremely successful.

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Trends in global art

While there is a broad global market for visual arts, there are also countless local art market manifestations that have led to the development of new art markets in countries such as the UK. These are all based on a different approach to art than the traditional urban art world of the United States and Europe.

In this way, new art markets are explored, more artists are given the opportunity to exhibit their works, and the periphery of the art market begins to exist.

Trends in identifying art

To quickly identify new trends and find new talent, the major art galleries exhibit their wares at fairs so that they are quickly recognized and easily available to new buyers. Education-focused services such as the Art Education Network train new collectors and their advisors in the intricacies of the art world, enabling the new generation to quickly learn to recognize trends in the art market and negotiate the buying process.

It is important to stay up to date with current art topics that you can discuss with your clients, as well as with new materials that are likely to be in demand.

Final thoughts

If anything, the last year has created the conditions for the game-changing changes we all want, so take a risk and make sure you are prepared only for an increase. These are just some of the art trends we have already seen in recent years. The trend towards visual art in 2021 will be accompanied by the demand for a new art order due to the changing way art is seen in our time.

Hello, I'm Francesca, an acrylic painter based in Manchester, UK and the owner of Pavis Paints. Feel free to take a look around! I also run a shop and am open to commissions if you like my style of work.

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