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Creating Community Level Kindness



Creating Community Level Kindness

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The Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Most people have a sense of what it looks like to be kind to another person, but what about spreading kindness on a larger scale? There are plenty of ways to intentionally spread community level kindness. Check out these ideas to see which ones appeal to you.

Create Kindness Challenges

Spreading kindness widely through a community or organization is known as wholesale kindness. Creating a kindness challenge at your place of business, through your neighborhood, or at your kids’ school is a great way to sprinkle kindness around on a large scale. Encourage the people in your community to come together and perform acts of kindness of any size.

A great way to help this effort really grow is to find a way for community members to share their activities with one another. To spread kindness through your neighborhood, encourage neighbors to post about their acts of kindness on a social media website. To encourage students, have them fill the school’s hallway walls with stories of how they’ve been kind or of kindness they’ve received.

Organize Community Service

Does your neighborhood park need to be cleaned up? Are there people in your community who need rides to the grocery store, the library, or their polling places? Choose a cause and share your mission with friends and neighbors. Encourage others to pitch in to help with your effort and kindness will spread as a result.

You can also work with local businesses to collect food for a local food pantry, or collect personal items to donate to a homeless shelter. Getting community businesses involved helps you reach a wider audience with your mission, and provides a way for small businesses to give back to the communities they serve.

Share Stories of Kindness

It is great to do kind things for others, but have you experienced an unexpected kindness recently? Share your story publicly to highlight the person or group that is doing good things for others. When people hear or read about kindness, it encourages more acts of kindness. People are often quick to share complaints when things don’t go well, but consider sharing positive reviews of local businesses and organizations to foster a spirit of kindness in your community.

Being kind whenever possible is a great way to live. Being intentional about spreading kindness at a community level can bring joy to a great number of people.

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