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Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents



Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Image by Johnnys_pic from Pixabay

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident? If so, the first thing you should do is call 911. You need to ask for the police to come to the scene, and there must be an official report after the accident. Then, do not forget to reach out to a lawyer who can help you. If you have suffered serious injuries, motorcycle accident lawyers may be able to recover compensation on your behalf. That way, you can cover some of your medical expenses and pay your bills as you recover before you return to work. What are a few of the most common examples of injuries someone may suffer in a motorcycle accident?

Head Injuries

One possible injury that you may suffer in a motorcycle accident is a head injury. You should always wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. It could save your life. At the same time, even the best helmet is not Invincible. You may end up suffering a serious head injury as a result of your motorcycle accident. For example, you might be diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury, which could lead to permanent complications. You could also end up with a serious skull fracture, which can lead to major side effects. It is not unusual for someone to suffer a brain bleed in a motorcycle accident as well. You should go to the emergency room following a motorcycle accident to make sure all injuries are adequately diagnosed.

Back Injuries

You may also suffer a back injury in a motorcycle accident. Even though lots of people wear helmets, there is not a lot of extra protection you can wear for your back. There are different types of back injuries you may suffer. For example, you might end up fracturing some of the vertebrae in your spinal column. You could also end up with a herniated disc, which could cause shooting pains to travel from your back down your leg. You may also end up with some compression fractures as a result of the accident. Back injuries can lead to nerve damage, which is why you need to reach out to a doctor who can help you.

Road Rash

Finally, you could also suffer road rash. Road rash happens when you have to lay down your motorcycle and slide across the pavement. The pavement could catch some of your skin, ripping it from your body. Road rash is very similar to a burn injury in that you could have large segments of your skin that have been seriously damaged. Road rash can also lead to an infection, which could prove to be a serious complication. You should always wear long clothing when you ride a motorcycle to reduce your chances of developing road rash in a motorcycle accident. If you do, always see a doctor as quickly as possible. Then, don’t forget to contact a lawyer who can review your case.

Call a Lawyer Who Can Help You

Of course, these are just a few of the many examples of injuries that someone may suffer in a motorcycle accident. Even a minor motorcycle accident can be very serious, and that is why you need to reach out to a medical professional as quickly as possible. You need a doctor to review your injuries. That way, you can develop a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. Then, do not forget to reach out to a lawyer who can review your case and see if you are entitled to compensation. If the accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for your medical bills or property damage on your own.

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