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Atlanta Web Design Done Properly for New Businesses



Atlanta Web Design Done Properly for New Businesses

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Start a business and the next thing you will need to do after establishing a business license and bank account will be a website. Unlike the common assumption of “build a better mousetrap” and customers will show up, today you have to be found online for anything to happen business-wise. And that only occurs with a solid website that can be found, navigated and talked about.

Who Are You and Where are You Online?

Today’s business is as much about an effective communication and marketing campaign as it is about actually selling a product or service. Without an online presence, your business might as well not exist at all. Sure, if you have a retail address, those walking by might see it; but by and large, the meat and potatoes of your revenue stream will come from those who can find you with mobile search, online search and digital connections.

However, agreeing that a new business needs a website and creating one are two completely different things. One is a straightforward concept and easy to agree to. The other involves the actual nuts and bolts construction, which takes coding expertise, design, time and practical experience. A bad website can actually hurt a business long-term, giving the impression of a rookie operation that isn’t ready for primetime. Nobody wants to park their money with an outfit that looks like it was set up overnight and will disappear just as fast. Image is just as important as substance service delivery, which is why stepping out right with a properly-designed website matters so much today.

Your E-Commerce is a Target Day One

If your business is going to be your storefront, especially in terms of selling goods online, then a professional e-commerce design and foundation are going to be essential. Along with presentation and function, you will also want your site to be secure. Just about every five minutes today, a poorly-scripted website is taken over by a hack, many of them automated and scrolling the Internet looking for victims. Even basic security, such as SSH in a Linux environment is woefully pathetic, being compromised in a matter of minutes as soon as a new site goes live. And things only get worse in the cloud, where many companies rely on third parties to maintain the critical architecture a site will live on as well as store its transaction data.

Instead, starting up with an e-commerce platform that is secure from the beginning, applying inexpensive prevention from the start, saves on a lot of headaches, repeat starts, and avoids painful loss of customer data or worse, their payment tools with identity theft. Rather than losing resources on damage recovery, your business can put its energy into selling and generating sales, growing your company instead of bandaging it left and right.

Going Digital Smart in Atlanta and Beyond

With a professional Atlanta web design team like Zgraph, all of the above challenges are taken care of. From a comprehensive web platform business plan development to the intricacies of connecting your website to backend databases through which to manage customer data, protect their accounts and process their transactions 24/7, our web design Atlanta team can put it all together for you. And if your existing website needs to be migrated without accidentally losing the value of your SEO analytic-based tags and links, we can help with that as well. We can take care of all the needed scripts, both client and server-side, as well as the maintenance and ongoing support if needed. Instead, all your energy focuses on what makes your business great and even better day by day.

Zgraph is your website design Atlanta partner. Take advantage of the opportunity and launch your business presence digitally.

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