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A Guide on Building a Perfect Grow Tent




indoor plant grow tent guide

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Growing indoor plants requires you to have a grow tent to make sure that you can control the temperature, environment, and other factors that play a significant role in the growth of plants. These grow boxes are available in different sizes, but most of you want to build a grow tent on their own. So if you are looking for the DIY grow tent guide, continue reading to find out the easy steps.

1. Pick the Right Grow Tent Size

The first thing you need to do perfectly is the sizing of your grow box or tent. Of course, you can always choose the tent size according to your need yet you have to give the maximum place to this tent. Moreover, you need to check if your growing box will be enough to distribute all the necessary ingredients to plants or not. You have to install the things according to tent size so your plants can get essentials to grow properly.

2. Conditions You Must Control

Before spending money on a growing tent, you need to understand the essential requirements. You need not the only place to set your grow tent, yet you also need a controlled environment and good seeds. Below are the conditions one must control:

1. Light
In order to control the tent light, you need to build a grow tent complete light-proof so you can control the light your plants need. Like for you marijuana plants, you need to provide them with continuous twelve hours of darkness to push them into the flowering stage. A combination of Mylar and LED grow lights is ideal for it.

2. Airtight
Growing an airtight box is highly important to control the environment and temperature of a grow tent. Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants demand more care and maintenance. One needs to keep all the conditions under control in order to provide the right temperature.

3. Temperature
Cannabis plants are plants that grow well at high temperatures. This is where Mylar helps you to keep the heat in, and the LED lighting will help to make the temperature tolerable. However, you need to install a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature.

4. Moisture
Just like a thermometer, you need to invest in a humidity sensor. This will help you to set the humidity level in the grow tent. In the early vegetative stages, you have to set humidity level at 70, but when the plants are on the late flowering stage, don’t let the RH exceed forty.

3. Steps to Build Your Grow Tent

1. Work on Frame
To build a grow tent, the first step is to make a frame in the size that you need for your plants. Make sure to make a frame strong enough that can hold the LED lights and ventilator system.

2. Construct the Tent
When you have made the frame, the next step is to use the Mylar to create a tent. Mylar needs to install in order to keep the light in and block the external light out. Use duct tape to secure the Mylar to the frame.

3. LED Lights Setting
Since your grow tent is almost ready to install LED lights to attach them to PVC piping. You can attach LED lights directly to piping, or might your LED light have the capacity to hang from the main framework.

4. Ventilation System
No matter what your system opts to install in your grow box, it would help if you made sure that when you built the tent, it allows your system to feed in and out.

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