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4 Types of Entertainers That Should Have an Entertainment Lawyer



4 Types of Entertainers That Should Have an Entertainment Lawyer

Image by LEANDRO AGUILAR from Pixabay

If someone says they are in the entertainment industry, that doesn’t give a clear picture of what a person does immediately. The entertainment industry is broad, and many different types of careers can fall into this category of professions. Some people in the entertainment industry may not realize that they could benefit from the legal advice of a top attorney, especially these four types of entertainers.

1. Comedians

Although comedians make their living by pushing our boundaries and making us laugh, there is nothing funny about getting the raw end of a contract deal or facing an intellectual property lawsuit. Comedians may receive contracts to be featured at certain comedy clubs, to guest star on TV shows or podcasts, or several other types of work one could be offered.

An entertainment lawyer can help comedians negotiate a better contract offer to ensure that they get fairly compensated. An entertainment lawyer can also help those in the comedy field fight intellectual property legal battles if they arise.

2. Filmmakers

Those who create films, whether short or feature-length films, may need the help of an entertainment lawyer for many reasons. Filmmakers may need to distribute contracts with actors and other crew members, or they may need to negotiate the rights to use certain songs or sound effects in their films. Entertainment lawyers can help filmmakers, large and small, with these issues and more.

3. Musicians

When musicians are offered record labels, it’s almost always a good idea to have a lawyer look over the terms before the artist potentially signs their life away. Some labels will throw in harsh addendums that are hard to spot throughout the contract, which can leave the musician out to dry legally.

There have been many high-profile musician legal battles in recent years, but even musicians that aren’t going to sign a multi-million dollar deal will likely benefit from having a lawyer by their side as they navigate the weeds of the music industry.

4. Print and Electronic Media

Although art can come in many mediums, print and electronic media are perhaps the most common art forms these days. Both allow for striking visuals that can tell a compelling story and can move everyone who sees them.

At first glance, these types of art may seem immune to legal battles, but they aren’t without their troubles. Artists who are involved in these industries can still benefit from the skills of an entertainment lawyer, especially when work is copied or illegally distributed.

The Bottom Line

Many people in the entertainment industry struggle to get by as they work to build up their careers, and as a result, many avoid paying for the help of a qualified entertainment lawyer for years. This may save money in the short-term, but it can also present many challenges for artists of all kinds.

These are just four types of entertainers that can benefit from the help of an entertainment lawyer, but there are dozens of other less conventional entertainers that may want to speak with a lawyer too.

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