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38 Powerful Lessons from the Book – Awaken the Giant Within – by Anthony Robbins




awaken the giant within quotes lessons

Tony Robbins, an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach. Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. Approximately 4 million people have attended his live seminars. Robbins is the founder of several companies that earn approximately $5 billion in annual sales. In 2015 and 2016 he was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

In his book, Awaken the Giant Within, Tony offers advice on such matters as mastering emotions, overcoming debilitating habits such as over-eating, and drinking, unleashing the hidden power of body and mind, improving personal and professional relationships, and taking control of personal finances…Read on..

I, hereby, list down 38 thunderous lessons that I learned from this awesome book. I know that I need to keep practicing these learning – day in and day out. These lessons are worded and appended in a way that makes it easier for most of us to understand and absorb.

So, here we go with our 38 Thunderous lessons from this book that influenced me immensely.

Awaken the Giant Within Lessons

(1) Every wrong belief is broken and truth revealed after it goes through 3 phases : Ridiculed, Violently Opposed, Accepted as eternal truth. If you are currently being ridiculed for your dreams and actions, be happy that the 1st phase is done and dusted with.

(2) Deming’s core principle states that quality is not about meeting some standards but it is a living, breathing process of never ending improvement, every single moment – in every single aspect of life. There is no such thing in your day to day life which cannot be improved – however small may be the improvement. Find that out, and work on it and look again for new improvements.

(3) Quality always costs less. Work everyday to improve the quality of your life. From brushing your teeth, to your fitness, to your kids studies to your entire life – everything can be improved.

(4) Society can predict but I define my destiny. Predictions are based on assumptions and current actions extrapolated in future – but everything changes when I change.

(5) Change can happen instantly. It is the getting ready for change that may take even a lifetime. If there is not enough pain associated with your current actions, and not enough pleasure with your future desired actions – you are still in the process of getting ready for the change.

(6) Breaking the pattern is one of the most effective techniques used to change your old habits. Upset with something quite often? Break your thought pattern. Laugh out loud lying on the floor before the pattern starts to control your thoughts. Imagine a laughter scene from your favorite movie, play some funny music in your mind etc. Breaking the pattern enough number of times will make the pattern weak and improve your resilience. Our thoughts and feelings are often linked to images and sounds. As we change the images and sounds, we change how we feel.

(7) Giving pleasant surprises is one of the most enjoyable human experiences. Give more of them to your loved ones.

awaken the giant within quotes lessons

(8) Rewards – whether in your personal or professional life – should be as unpredictable and as surprise infusing as feasible. This ensures consistent performance, since award is expected any moment.

(9) Your body leads your emotions. You can change how you feel by changing the way you are currently handling your body. Get up right now and smile, you can feel emotional equivalence instantly.

(10) If you don’t plan for pleasure, what you get is only pain. Don’t expect pleasure to somehow show up.

(11) Thinking is a process of asking and answering questions. Ask the right questions to your mind, and get the answers that can elevate your destiny forever. Quickest way to change focus is to ask a new question. Your mental computer is always ready to serve you. You ask a terrible question and you will be served a terrible answer. Life is like a Jeopardy game. All the answers are there. All you need to do is to ask the right questions.

(12) Words you consistently select will shape your destiny. People with impoverished vocabulary lead an impoverished emotional life. The choice of words leads to choice of emotions.

(13) Giant goals produce giant motivation. After that, it is not just about reaching the goal, but more about experiencing the journey. Goals are not an end by themselves but only a means to achieve the end. They help us concentrate, focus and give us direction. It’s what we become in the process of achieving the goal that will gives us the ultimate satisfaction.

(14) Persistence overshadows even talent to shape the quality of your life.

(15) Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters.

awaken the giant within quotes lessons summary

(16) Go on a mental diet. Force yourself not to think anything negative. Reject it as soon as it comes to your mind. Start with an hour diet and slowly increase it to a week. The idea is not to ignore the problems of your life but to become better prepared mentally to deal with those problems.

(17) In life, never spend more than 10% of your time on the problem. Don’t sweat the small stuff.. Remember it’s all small stuff.

(18) So many people get to the end of their lives wondering what could have been. Don’t let this happen to you.

(19) Success is processional. It’s a result of a series of small disciplines that lead to habitual patterns of success.

(20) Miss a meal but don’t miss your reading. Leaders are readers. The power of reading a great book is that you start thinking like the author.

(21) Values guide our every decision and therefore our destiny.

(22) Many people know what they want to have, but very few know what they want to be. The latter one is infinitely more fulfilling.

(23) We are so accustomed to miracles happening around us everyday that we do not see them as miracles anymore. The fact that our heart has not skipped a single beat for last 30+ years and is still running strong is in itself a huge miracle. Be grateful for this. Rest everything can be managed.

(24) Rules of life cannot be fixed forever. Life is a variable event.. And thus the rules must be adapted accordingly.

(25) Most of us have created many ways to feel bad and very few ways to feel good. Modify your rules so that everyday, it is much easier to feel good than to feel bad. Be kind to yourself. Accept yourself.

(26) Our imagination is many times more potent than our willpower.

(27) Repetition is the mother of skill. Practise, practise, practise..

awaken the giant within quotes lessons summary tony robbins

(28) Any loss or gain is imaginary. Nothing is created or destroyed in this universe.

(29) You may not know why something has happened. Be willing to trust. Someday, if the time is right, you might just understand the reason.

(30) Killing time is not a murder. It is a suicide.

(31) The only way to master your time is to organize your schedule each day to spend the majority of it doing things that are important rather than urgent. Paying bills may be urgent but writing a few pages of your next bestseller important.

(32) Compress time by learning from others experiences. Read books, listen to audios and attend seminars. Do not keep reinventing the wheel. You just do not have that much time with you.

(33) Trees are our ultimate rejuvenators. Without them, life on earth could not exist.
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(34) If you have got to play the game and win, you must play full out. Be willing to feel stupid, and be willing to try things that might not work, and if they don’t work, be willing to change your approach. That is the only way you could grow, innovate and discover who you really are.

(35) You could never lead a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

(36) You don’t have to take the weight of the world on your shoulders. Do a little and know that it can mean a lot.

(37) It is much better to wear out than to rust out.

(38) It’s not about ‘how long’, but about ‘how’ you live your life.

awaken the giant within quotes lessons tony robbins

Hope these 38 outstanding lessons will help shape up your thought process to some extent and help you lead a better life.

Author: Manoj Arora (Source)

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